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Some agencies want to be the ones with the most players, some with the most valuable players and some with the biggest transfers.

We simply want to be the best for you!

SBE Football is a company that helps athletes from the beginning of their careers until the end. We manage your finances, insurance and legal issues, as well as train and market you for big contracts. SBE also has a comprehensive staff of Social Media Managers, Video Editors and Professional Photographers who help take your career to the next level. Ready to go pro?
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Philipp Degen

During our active careers, we looked for the perfect consultant and met many. However, we were not 100% happy anywhere, so we decided to start our own modern management agency - From footballers for footballers!

Get on the field!

Our network for you! SBE Football combines the unique competence of 30 years of football experience and innovative management for your career!

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